A warm hello to start off…

Do you ever get this feeling that you were meant to create something?

Do you ever get the atitude that you should accomplish something?

Everyone has  a vision of who and what they want to be. Mine is simple yet hard to  become. Like many others who dream; I want to become an entrepreneur.

So what is an “entrepreneur”?

By definition from dictionary.com –
“a person who organizes and manages any enterprise,especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”
By my definition –
“person who has a desire/drive/force for accomplishing and creating things”

Surely everyone can define entrepreneur in their own words, but not everyone can actually become a successful entrepreneur. I believe there are two driving factors on the road of becoming a successful entrepreneur, a good mindset and a good idea.

The question is what comes first?

What makes a great entrepreneur is not just an amazing business idea but also a top notch mindset. This mindset is a way of approaching things, looking at things, doing things, presenting things.

How do I get this golden mindset?

The good thing about you and me have is that we both have heroes. Heroes are what motivates us to aim higher. I have many heroes and I view all my heroes as successful not only in business but in life. I intend to find out what is the common mindset they all have.

I will then post the blogs of the people I interviewed about their mindset!

So thats it folks here is my mission statement (finding the golden mindset) and I sincerely hope you have a nice time reading my articles!

Cheers and all the best!

yours Truly,



About jackyzee

In search of a mindset. An entrepreneur with ideas to add value. create the start of something fresh and a desire to accomplish life to the fullest. - Me "you can fail a thousand times but you never lose, you can lose a thousand times but you will never fail" View all posts by jackyzee

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